Air Source heat pump, solar PV & battery storage private Project from Macosquin

Robert Oates – Private home owner Macosquin Coleraine. ASHP/Solar PV and battery 

Air source heat pump (ASHP) – Solar PV and Battery storage – complete energy retrofit works including solar and battery and heating system upgrade

After the purchase of a property of approx. 17 years old Mr Oates wanted to take measures that would increase the efficiency of the dwelling as well as mitigating against unsure energy market conditions, it was decided that an ASHP would replace his old oil heating system incorporating the replacement of all heating controls and the installation of a pressurised domestic water system.

In an effort to offset the rising electricity prices the new electric driven heating system was supplemented with the installation of almost 6KW of solar feeding into a 3.6KW hybrid inverter which has 10KW of battery storage along side it to help store excess energy produced by the solar system for use in the evening and through the night.