International Women’s Day 2024!

International Women’s Day 2024!

This year the International Women’s Day, theme is “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,” and “Inspire Inclusion”.

Here at H&A we acknowledge the vital role women play in industries like ours, which are traditionally dominated by men and we recognise the value they can bring.

As such we would like to introduce you to Amy French, our first female Gas Heating Engineer.

Amy started with H&A in January 2024 and in her short time with the Company has proven to be a great asset, and she is already proving to be very popular with our customers too – some even wanting to send her flowers to thank her for the excellent service she has provided!

Amy says:

“International Woman’s Day is a special day for all women like myself, who wish to celebrate their successes and achievements in industries, like engineering! I have been inspiring, promoting & empowering women to be valued in the plumbing, heating and gas trade for over 12 years, and I will continue to do so.

I completed my apprenticeship and progressed and established myself proudly & luckily alongside my dad, gaining my experience by training and working professionally in Essex, Norfolk & Suffolk in England.

At the start of 2024, H&A widened my opportunities by becoming their first qualified female engineer and expanded my experience by giving me the opportunity to work & travel around this exceptionally beautiful country”.

We proudly support Amy in her career and hope that it continues with H&A for many years to come.

Last year we were also approached by another female who wanted to complete their Domestic Gas qualification and obtain an opportunity to gain experience in the heating industry. We were delighted to provide her with the on-site placement she needed to complete her portfolio, and she will find out soon if she has successfully passed! But there is no reason to believe there could be any other outcome. She has proven to be very competent and enthusiastic and displays considerable potential as a valuable asset for H&A. We have every intention of also providing a long term opportunity to her once she is ready to take it.

In conclusion, by investing in women and promoting their inclusion and advancement in the plumbing industry, we can accelerate progress towards gender equality and create a more vibrant and prosperous workforce. We celebrate the contributions of women in plumbing and fully commit to empowering them to thrive in this traditionally male-dominated field.